News from the La Grande School District

La Grande School District Public Safety Statement:
In response to community interest to the media release from Sheriff Bowen An incident related to suspected fentanyl pills located in a student backpack did take place at Central Elementary. 

Due to questions and concerns La Grande School District would like to add information and clarify our process for communication.

Within minutes of arrival to school our staff was in possession of the pills. Once notified our staff was ableto follow school procedures and work with law enforcement as we worked hand in hand to investigate. As this became an adult investigation our law enforcement and other health and safety agencies took appropriate action.

La Grande School District does not typically make public statements to the community or the school community when parents get arrested.

School safety/student safety is a paramount focus and responsibility of our school district, in this case our training and procedures worked effectively to remove the pills from our school environment.

Due to privacy rights and confidentiality concerns, La Grande School District does not typically make public statements related to drug or alcohol related offenses. Especially if the focus is on parent behavior or on pending adult investigations.

La Grande School District is proud of the student who did the right thing by informing our staff. We are also proud of our staff for swiftly notifying law enforcement.