LGSD School Board Appreciation

Central School considers our School Board Members as our SUPERHEROES!!!  


  • LGSD School Board is always standing ready to assist our district.  
  • These SUPERHEROES have helped pass our first bond in many years.
  • They helped upgrade our facilities so schools are safe and attractive.
  • They helped establish a new school in the district.  The first in 43 years.
  • They have volunteered countless hours of their personal time for our district.
  • It is evident that they love children.
  • It is evident that they appreciate our superintendent and staff.
  • It is evident that they are devoted to education!

At the January Board meeting Central School presented our school board with:

  • cards from our 3rd grade teams, 
  • a booklet made by Mrs. Hine's 5th Graders, 
  • a banner created by our staff,  
  • LGSD Masks
  • along with cake and punch.

Central School Community  our LGSD School Board!!!!