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Zoom Cheat-Sheet for Families 

A quick-start guide for getting started on the Zoom platform. Tips for before the meeting, how to join, waiting, and during the meeting.

Zoom Cheat-Sheet for families FAQ’s

Q: Does my kid have to have a Zoom account to use it for class?

A: Typically, kids don't need a Zoom account if they're just joining a class scheduled by the teacher (only meeting hosts need an account). However, teachers can restrict the session to "authorized attendees," which requires participants either to log in to Zoom or enter a password in order to join the class. For safety and privacy reasons, we ask that students log in with their first and last name. 

Q: What if there is a delay in joining the meeting?

A: Delay in being admitted? Do not worry! If you see a screen that says “waiting for the host to start meeting” your students teacher will start the meeting momentarily. 

Q: What do I do if my students get kicked out of the meeting?

A: Sign back in as soon as your student can, following the steps the teacher has taught. 

Q: What else can I check to be sure Zoom is working the best for me?

A:  -check for Zoom updates

     -work closely to your router if possible

     -disconnect any devices that are not in use at the time

     -limit the number of tabs your student has open 

     -possibly weak internet (check your internet speed using Speedtest by Ookla at speedtest.net)

     -connect ethernet cable directly to your modem/router (very      affordable at Walmart or Amazon)

     -computer device is old (we can replace if you are using a school device that is older)

Q: How do I check for the latest Zoom updates?


Before the Meeting: 

• Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you  can download the Zoom app at www.zoom.com or on the app store.  Pre-downloading the Zoom app beforehand will save time. 

Joining a Meeting: 

• There are multiple ways to join a Zoom meeting with your teacher. Your teacher will give you the best direction on this. However, here are some of the ways you could join in on the meeting:

1. Clever: Your student will log in to Clever and click the class zoom link/app provided by his/her teacher. Click JOIN, enter password provided by teacher. Then your student will type his or her first and last name to be admitted into the zoom classroom.

2. Enter your MEETING ID (this is the number associated with an  instant or scheduled meeting from your teacher. The  meeting ID can be a 9, 10 or 11-digit number), and enter your  display name (first, last name). You do  NOT need to be signed in to Zoom. Your meeting will work without having your own sign in. Select your computer audio and click JOIN.

3. Via the Zoom website on Windows/Mac Computer: In your web browser, type in “join.zoom.us”.  Enter in your MEETING ID provided by your child’s teacher. Click JOIN. When asked if you want to open “Zoom.us” click ALLOW or OPEN LINK. 

“join.zoom.us” in your  web browser 

4. Via Email sent by your  teacher: Click  the JOIN LINK in your  

email or calendar invitation. Depending on  your default web browser, you may be  

prompted to open Zoom. 


5. Via the Zoom app on iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.):  

Be sure you have downloaded the Zoom app via the App Store. Tap JOIN A MEETING (no need to sign in). Enter your MEETING ID, and enter your display name (first, last name). You do NOT need to be signed in to Zoom. Be sure your audio and video are on, and select JOIN.  

6. Via the Zoom app on Android: Be sure you have downloaded the Zoom app via the Google Play Store. Tap JOIN A MEETING (no need to sign in). Enter your MEETING ID, and enter your display name (first, last name). You do NOT need to be signed in to Zoom. Be sure your audio and video are on,  and select JOIN.  

 Zoom App on Android IOS                                                            Zoom App on IOS


Waiting for the Host (teacher) to start the Meeting: 

• If your teacher hasn’t started broadcasting (meaning he/she is not yet on your screen),  you’ll receive something similar as  the following message (see right image →). Just patiently wait for a few minutes for your teacher to get logged  on. 

During the Meeting: 

You as the parent have a few controls during the meeting. Here are a few common ones:  

CHAT: You can open a chat window by clicking CHAT. This is a great feature to  have in case someone’s speakers aren’t working or are not on. You can alert  each other via CHAT if you can’t hear one another. Please be aware that each teacher may have the chat features set up differently. 


RAISE HAND: You could tap the RAISE HAND button while the teacher is speaking in case you have a question about something that he/she is discussing or working on with your child. This alerts your teacher that you need him/her when he/she has a moment. 


PATIENCE: Technology works great…when it works! Patience and  understanding is so important when starting out with online learning. 

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