“Diggin’ In” with FoodCorps Fin :   November 13

Howdy Cougars! 

What a snowy week it’s been! I was surprised to wake up on Sunday to see white outside my window, and even more surprised on Monday when it was still there! Our courageous third graders were still gung-ho in the snow and played a game of charades with our favorite activities and the kinds of food that help us do those activities: the “GO” foods that give us energy, the “GROW” foods that help us build our muscles, and the “GLOW” foods that give us all other little things to help our bodies function. 

It was a fun way to enjoy our last week together at school for the time being, but I’m very excited for next week: we’ll be debunking some myths about the First Thanksgiving, and learning what they ate, and what really happened. 

This coming week on Wednesday the 18th from 5-6pm, our fourth graders are invited to join the next meeting of Cougar Cooks, where we will meet virtually to cook tasty sides, snacks, and starters together. We’ll be learning to make a delicious thanksgiving side which will be sure to impress everyone at home. Look out for an email on Monday for details about what tools will be needed, and how to pick up the fresh ingredients at Central during the day on Wednesday. As always, email me at to RSVP or for any other questions. Pretty soon, they’ll be cooking up a storm like these culinary kiddos: 

Lastly, you might be looking at a very sad pumpkin on your porch, or dealing with a mountain of fallen leaves right now. Instead of bagging them up and putting them in the trash, why not return  them to the soil by making a backyard compost pile? I made this video last weekend to show you how. It’s an easy way to get rid of kitchen food scraps and other yard waste while creating some very nutritious soil. Watch this video to learn how! 

Stay strong Cougars, and I’ll see you online!