La Grande School District Update Regarding Union County COVID-19 Cases over the Previous Two Weeks:

LGSD is carefully tracking the situation regarding the countywide increase in COVID-19 cases. At this time, LGSD will continue to operate with the normal K-3rd in-person instructional schedule, Limited In- Person Instruction (LIPI) schedule, and 4th-12th Comprehension Distance Learning (CDL) schedule.

LGSD still does not have all the data for the previous two-week period of 10/25/2020 – 11/7/2020. The county’s reported 74 cases for the two week case count has not been verified and the county test positivity rate has not been released. Once absolute case data and positive test rate data is shared, LGSD will begin to communicate with our Local Public Health Authority (Center for Human Development, Grande Ronde Hospital, Union County Emergency Management and Union County Commissioners), LGSD school board, and district staff to make a final decision on operations status. The new metrics (see attached graphic) allow our district to make a local decision based on community spread of COVID and impact on school operations.

If our Local Public Health Authority, community, and school leadership teams indicate we should move to CDL, then LGSD will move in that direction and notify our staff, students, families, and community on Thursday. This decision would move grades K-3 from onsite learning to Comprehensive Distance Learning.

In the case of LGSD moving to CDL - School staff will still work in our school locations to offer CDL and LGSD will still offer Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI), staff childcare, and food services. LIPI services will be reduced to small groups, such as those that participate in behavior classrooms, mental health, and Life Skills. LGSD will also invite back students that have failing grades or have a high need for specialized student services.

In short, if LGSD moves into CDL, the final decision will be made on Thursday and the final day for transition from K-3 on-site instruction will happen on Friday, after consultation with our LPHA and the community/district team. Students and staff will go to school on Friday and collect all materials and resources so they can operate in CDL starting on the following Monday, November 16. In all cases, LIPI services, staff childcare, and food services will also remain in operation.

LGSD invites the community to their Town Hall on Tuesday night, November 10, 2020 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The Town Hall will address, "How do the new Oregon Health Metrics impact the La Grande School District?" and "When can all students return to onsite learning?" Finally, the Town Hall will address the recent Union County cases and the process for making the decision on whether to return to primarily Comprehensive Distance Learning.

The district invites you to submit your questions via email to District officials will look for trends in submitted questions and address those questions during the Town Hall. There will not be a live question and answer session so please be certain to submit your questions by the morning of November 10th.

The Town Hall may be viewed at and on the La Grande School District Facebook page.