October 7, 2020

Hello Central Parents,

Thank you for the last three days!  We appreciate your gracious cooperation as we develop new processes to teach our students how to physically distance themselves.

For the last three days, our students were monitored by their teachers during morning entry.  The purpose of this was so the students would be comfortable not walking alone into the school since they have not been in the classroom this school year.  Our kindergarten students have never been in the school.  Plus, the teachers wanted to help teach them the routine of using the hand sanitizer station.

The students have been learning the new routines well.  So much so, that we feel that they are ready to enter the school on their own.  Starting on Thursday, students can be dropped off at the curb and can walk straight into the school to their classrooms.

We will continue to have support staff out front to assist students for the remainder of the year.  Parents who walk up their child(ren) can walk them to their designated entry door:

Kindergarten Students

Outdoor Sensory Room Gate and to the classroom backdoor.

Structured Learning Center Students

Outdoor Sensory Room Gate and to the classroom backdoor.

1st and 2nd Grade Students

Front doors

3rd Grade Students

Side Cafeteria Doors near 2nd St.

We will be sending home yellow identification cards to place on your dashboard or side window to attend to student safety. This card should be placed on the dashboard of your car.  The cards will have your child’s name and their teacher’s name.  These cards ensure that your child(ren) are released only to their parents, guardians, or assigned daycare provider. If you need additional cards for your family, please call the office to request.  Please be selective with whom you pass out your cards to. If you drive up to pick up your child without a card, you will be asked to park to come in to get a yellow card.  These precautions are in place to make sure all students are kept safe.  Remember, positive intentions.

Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education.  We appreciate your support. 

Better Together,

Mrs. Mayes