Central School-Wide Safety Expectations

Central School-Wide Safety Expectations

Central Staff & Students Will Use the Following Practices to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

  1. Daily Visual Screening

  2. Spread Out Seating - Maximize the Space

  3. Wear a Mask - Must Cover Nose and Mouth

  4. Wash Hands Regularly

  5. Use Cohort-Specific Restrooms/Stalls

  6. Practice “Spread Out” Hallway Walking

  7. Use Classroom Recess Bags - Disinfected Nightly

  8. Use Individual Classroom Supply Tubs, cubbies, and bags

  9. Establish Routines for Physical Distancing when...

    1. Entering the room

    2. Getting books or supplies

    3. Transitioning to different areas of the classroom

    4. When using the restrooms

  10. Breakfast/Lunch in Classrooms

  11. Individual Cohort Recess Areas/Times 

*Mitigate means to make something less severe. We understand that there is no way to completely stop the spread of germs, but these 10 practices are layers of protection that will keep staff and families safer, slow the spread of disease, and allow our school to stay open. We thank you for your support and cooperation.