1) What does Central have in place for physical distancing?

  • Each grade level will have a designated entry/exit door and pathway to their classroom.


Kindergarten Students

Outdoor Sensory Room Gate and to classroom backdoor.

Structured Learning Center Students

Outdoor Sensory Room Gate and to classroom backdoor.

1st and 2nd Grade Students

Front doors

3rd Grade Students

Side Cafeteria Doors near 2nd St.

  • Each grade level will have a designated restroom.

  • Each grade level will have a designated recess area and time to social distance.

  • Central will strive for the 6ft rule to the extent possible.

  • The average classroom enrollment is 19 with classroom ranges between 17-22.

  • Students will remain in stable cohorts. 

2) What does Central have in place to mitigate/limit the spread of disease?

  • Our primary goal is to help students, staff, and families feel safe as we re-enter school.

  • All students will be visually screened upon entry.

  • All students and staff must wear a mask or full shield to cover their nose and mouth.

  • All students will wear masks during recess.

  • All students will wash hands regularly.

  • All students will wash hands before and after meals.

  • All students will eat meals in their classrooms cohort. 

  • Each classroom will have their own PE kit that will be cleaned nightly

  • Each student will have their own classroom supplies.

  • All students will use Cohort-Specific Restrooms/Stalls.

  • All students will be taught  “Physical Distancing” routines.

  • Individual Cohort Recess times and areas.

  • PE will be outside weather permitting.

  • PE, Music, Media, and Guidance will be in the classroom of the stable cohort.

*Mitigate means to make something less severe. We understand that there is no way to completely stop the spread of germs, but these practices are layers of protection that will keep staff and families safer, slow the spread of disease, and allow our school to stay open. We thank you for your support and cooperation.

3) Does my child have to wear a mask?

Yes. Masks are required at this time and must cover the mouth and nose. We are finding that most students do great with this, even if they need some friendly reminders. Masks should be washed or exchanged nightly. We will have extras if students forget. Face shields are acceptable as well.

4) What is considered a stable cohort?

A stable cohort is dividing students and teachers into distinct groups that stay together throughout an entire school day during in-person classroom instruction. Schools may allow minimal or no interaction between cohorts.

5) Will students really be spaced out 6 feet apart? Is that realistic? 

We will strive for 6 feet to the extent possible. However, 6 feet between each student will not always be doable because of the size of classrooms. A closer measurement for how students will be spaced is 35 square feet per person. This allows a personal bubble with 3-4 feet in every direction, which is consistent with state guidance and feasible for school staff to achieve. The level of mitigation we hope to achieve, however, will come from having layers of safety such as those described in question 2 above, such as cohorting, wearing masks, and good hygiene practices.

6) What will student schedules look like during our modified schedule?

All students will: 

  • receive core instruction in Math and English Language Arts 

  • alternate days for social studies, science, and art

  • receive Music, PE, Library, and Guidance Lessons

  • receive leveled interventions daily.

7) What if I’m not comfortable sending my student back yet?

We encourage families to consider La Grande Virtual Learning Academy if they have no intention of coming to school at this time. Teachers will be able to help students stay up on work if they are temporarily out, but will not be able to provide Comprehensive Distance Learning as they are currently doing. Their time and focus will be primarily dedicated to students that are in-person.

8) What if I have a medically fragile child or my child is considered high risk and cannot return to school?

Please contact Mrs. Mayes and we will put a plan in place to accommodate your child.

9) What if we’re doing La Grande Virtual Learning Academy, but I want to come back now that school is open?

Students currently in LVLA will not be able to switch at this time. We will consider transfers at the end of the quarter and semester as space allows.

10) Is there a chance we might go back to Comprehensive Distance Learning?

There is a possibility that cohorts, schools, or all K-3 students could return to CDL. That decision would be determined by state health metrics and guidance from the Oregon Department of Education.  For this reason, we are having our students keep the supplies and technology with them on a daily basis.

11) Can I visit my child or come with them into the school?

As a safety measure, we will not be allowing visitors unless they are deemed as “essential”. These visitors will need prior approval from the Principal and will need to undergo a health screening when they arrive. Parents needing to drop off or pickup supplies, or who are picking up a student early, can come to the front doors and buzz the main office. A school staff member will come outside or escort your student out to you.

12) What if my child has to be home for a while because they are sick?

As mentioned above, teachers will communicate with families and make learning materials available for those who cannot attend due to illness or other circumstances beyond their control. Teachers will also be available in the afternoon to check in and provide support as needed. However, live streaming of lessons and synchronous instruction will not be possible as it was during CDL instruction. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XqS0X3WjX-9BmQ7ANazcJOfCgeCZ67jW/view


13) I’m concerned about all the rules. Is this going to be too strict? After all, they’re only kids, right?

We feel you! We are also concerned about this and want to ensure routines and safety measures are implemented in developmentally appropriate ways. We aim to make learning fun and to provide engaging activities to help students make this transition with as little stress as possible. We certainly have to follow rules and guidelines, but we will always be mindful of the emotional needs of students and will do everything possible to make their experience a joyful one. If students struggle with safety protocols, then we will teach, model, remind, and repeat. We will not discipline students over PPE or other protocols, but will lovingly remind them as many times as is necessary. We are confident that we can strike a healthy balance between physical safety and emotional wellness. Other schools have done this successfully and so will we.

14) Will there be School Photos this year?

Yes, the dates are set for October 23rd and Retakes on December 9th (Hopefully our 4th/5th will be back by the 9th). Mark your calendars!

15) If I have questions, who do I call?

Please call the school and Mrs. Connie will either answer your questions or direct you to the right staff member to help you. Teachers will be available during office hours from 3:00 to 3:30 or can be reached through class dojo and email, first.last@lagrandesd.org

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