Our Staff

La Grande School District is proud to have a very dedicated and experienced staff. 

We are committed to working toward providing a well balanced education to 
help our 21st century learners be successful in today's challenging environment.

Please feel free to contact our staff to discuss or to answer any questions you might have.
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Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone numberWeb Address
Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone numberWeb Address
Jenni Fager Grade 1 / 2 Teacher 541-663-3516  
Diana Bennett Grade 1 Teacher 541-663-3519  
Jordann Roberts Grade 1 Teacher 541-663-3515  
Michelle Olds Grade 1 Teacher 541-663-3520  
Heather Gooderham Grade 2 teacher 541-663-3506  
Megan Francy Grade 2 Teacher 541-663-3533  
Kristen Boyd Grade 3 Teacher 541-663-3512 Mrs. Boyd 
Pat Ogburn Grade 3 Teacher 541-663-3513 Mrs. Ogburn 
Sharon Bullock Grade 3 Teacher 541-663-3539 Mrs. Bullock 
Jackie Leonard Grade 4 Teacher 541-663-3521  
Kylinn Irwin Grade 4 Teacher 541-663-3518  
Leslie Graham Grade 4 Teacher 541-663-3536 Mrs. Graham 
Chelsea Annas Grade 5 Teacher 541-663-3534  
Misty Hines Grade 5 Teacher 541-663-3537  
Shawn Brooks Grade 5 Teacher 541-663-3538  
Joe Wing Library Media 541-663-3529  
Carla Arnold Music Teacher 541-663-3510 Music 
Suzy Mayes Principal 541-663-3501  
Jodi Rollins Reading Specialist 541-663-3517  
Sandee Yeates School Counselor 541-663-3546  
Joel Goldstein School Diagnostician 541-663-3557  
Connie Ingerson Secretary 541-663-3501  
Alisa Rasheed Special Education 541-663-3532  
Annette Delehanty Title One Teacher  541-663-3535 Title Site 
Showing 24 items