This is a year of transition for Central School, and our parent and teacher group is no exception. What has formerly been known as Central PTA is now switching to a PTO. We have new members, a new name, but the group will function in much the same way as before.


        April 5th ... School's Da Vinci Faire 5:30pm - 7:30pm 
        (***Volunteers needed to hang artwork beforehand)

        April 26th ... PTO Meeting - 7pm

        April 19th ... ART AUCTION FUNDRAISER 5:30pm - 8pm


        May 7-11 ... Teacher Appreciation Week

        May 22nd ... PTO Meeting - 6:30pm

        May TBD ... Annual Yard Sale


Contact us at​*:

Facebook: @CentralSchoolPTA

*Our contact info will be the same as the old PTA contact info for the rest of the 2017-18 school 
year. Look for a new PTO email and Facebook page in 2018-19.

PTO Executive Board Members 2017-18
Alicia McConnell

Vice President
Liz Becker

Jenn Forrester

Nicole Turner

100 Reader Book Club Coordinator
Elizabeth Zastrow

Box Tops Coordinator
Devon Myer

Other Member Coordinators:

Art Literacy Coordinator
Kim Haynes

Mobil Gas Station Fundraiser Coordinator
Kaycee St. Claire

PTA vs. PTO... What is the Difference?

The differences lie in how the parent groups are managed. PTAs are affiliated with their state’s PTA organization (Oregon PTA) and the National PTA. 

This umbrella organization requires monthly dues to be paid by PTA members, as well as yearly workshop and conference attendance. Oregon PTA also requires that a school’s PTA have minimum number of dues-paying members in order to be in “good standing”. If an Oregon school’s PTA is not in “good standing”, it would risk being terminated.

PTOs are still tax-exempt non-profit charity organizations, just like PTAs. But switching to a PTO
will mean no umbrella organization, no member dues required, no hoops to jump through. We can spend more time focusing on what matters - our kids!

For more info on PTO vs. PTA, go to:

Next Meeting:  April 26th, Thursday at 7pm - Join us!

How you can help:

The PTO would not exist without your help! We couldn’t provide the programs that Central students look forward to each year, such as 100 Reader Book Club and Art Literacy, and fun family events like Bingo Night and the Art Auction (new event this year!). 

PTO depends on the generosity of its members and volunteers. "Many hands make light work."

If you are interested in a spot on our executive board, becoming a PTO member, or even just volunteering once in a while, contact us. Or better yet, come to a monthly meeting - all are welcome!

Central Elementary PTO Mission Statement

The mission of the PTO is to promote and encourage communication between parents, teachers, administration, and the community. The PTO also sponsors and organizes fundraising for school programs and events, which deepen our community spirit and enrich our children’s educational, social, and developmental experiences.

"When parents are involved in their children's education at home, they do better in school. And when parents are involved in school, children go farther in school and the schools they go to are better."
                                                    - from A New Generation of    Evidence: The Family Is Critical 
to Student Achievement

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