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Central Elementary School

Family and Community Involvement Plan

There is an LEA policy containing all of the required elements that is reviewed annually with input from parents. (1118 (a)




Central Elementary School agrees to implement the following statutory requirements:

Central Elementary School will jointly (to the extent possible) develop with, as agreed to and distribute to parents of participating children a written parental involvement plan.  The parental policy will describe the means in which Central Elementary School will carry out the statutory requirements of Section 1118 Parental Involvement of the Title I A program.   Central Elementary School will make a copy of the parental involvement policy available to the public and will distribute a copy of the parental involvement policy to the Central Elementary School Parents.  To the extent practicable, a copy will be provided in the parent's’ preferred language and in a uniform format and in alternative formats to all participants.  These programs, activities and procedures will be planned and reviewed periodically but no less than annually with meaningful consultation with the students’ families to meet the changing needs of the school and the participating families.

These procedures, programs and activities will be planned and carried out with the students’ families as defined by the following criteria;

  1. Central Elementary School will utilize the following definition of parental involvement and will carry out programs, activities and procedures with this definition in forethought: Parental involvement means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, meaningful communication regarding student academic achievement and other school activities to ensure

    • Parents play an essential role in their child’s education

    • Parents are encouraged to be actively involved with their child’s education at school

    • Parents are full partners and included as appropriate in the decision-making process and on advisory committees to assist in their child’s education

    • Parents are involved in the carrying out of and participating in other activities as described in the parental involvement policy.

  2. Central Elementary School will hold an annual meeting for all parents to inform them of Central’s participation in Title I and to explain the requirements and the right of the parents to be involved.  

    • For the 2017-2018 school year all parents will be informed at our open house to be held in September.  A copy of the plan will be available in the main office and the Title IA Room

  3. Parents will be invited to participate in the planning, review and improvement of programs, activities and the parental involvement policy in a timely, organized and ongoing manner.  Central Elementary School will utilize:

    • The initial planning and development of the parental involvement policy was in conjunction with the development of the initial schoolwide written plan and the review and/or revision of the school-parent compact

    • The annual review of the parental involvement policy for the 2017-2018  school year will occur no later than May 2018

    • Requests for parental involvement in the annual review will be made through classroom teachers, Title I Teacher and/or Principal.

    • The annual parent involvement survey will be sent home to garner input from all families.

    • Events surveys will be reviewed

  4. Central Elementary School will provide the parents information regarding programs, curriculum and forms of academic assessment used to measure their child’s progress and the proficiency levels that their child is expected to meet.  When requested by parents and when appropriate, Teachers and/or the Principal will provide the parents opportunities for regular meetings for the purpose of making suggestions, to participate in and to respond to any decisions made in the education of their child.  Central Elementary School will utilize:

    • Open House in September to provide information about programs, curriculums and assessment data used

    • Parent/Teacher conferences

    • Programs, activities and/or parent trainings

    • Parent request

    • Classroom teacher/Title I Teacher/ and/or Principal request

  5. If the plan is not satisfactory to parents those comments will be submitted with the plan when the school makes the plan available to the local educational agency.

Shared Responsibilities for High Academic Achievement

A school-parent compact shall be developed jointly with parental involvement, which outlines how parents, the entire school staff and the students will share the responsibility for the students’ improved academic achievement.  The school-parent compact will address the means in which the school and the parents will build, develop and maintain a school-parent partnership to assist children in achieving the State’s high academic achievement standards.  The school-parent compact will;

  1. Describe the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in an environment that is supportive and effective for learning.

  2. Enable the students served to meet the State’s academic achievement standards.

  3. Identify ways each parent will be responsible for supporting their child’s learning. Such as monitoring the following;

    1. attendance

    2. homework completion

    3. the amount of time spent watching television

    4. as well as volunteering in their child’s classroom, attending program, activities and participating, as appropriate, in the decisions that relate to the education of their child and the use of extracurricular time

  4. The school-parent compact will;

    1. address the significance of ongoing communication between the parents and their child’s teachers and/or school.  This communication at a minimum will be during parent-teacher conferences, during the annual review of the parent –school compact as it relates to the individual child’s achievement, through frequent parental reports about the child’s progress.

    2. The reasonable access to staff, opportunities to participate and volunteer in their child’s class and to observe classroom activities will be afforded to parents.


To provide for the effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership between Central Elementary School, Parents and the Community in order to improve student academic achievement Central Elementary School shall;

  1. Provide the parents, as appropriate, assistance in understanding a variety of academic achievement related topics.  Central Elementary School will provide this assistance through parent/teacher conferences, parent trainings, and parent involvement activities, as well as requested meetings. Examples of these topics include but are not limited to;

    1. Central Elementary School Resource Fair

      1. Educate families about resources available at Central

        1. Available Title I Materials for Checkout-Annette

        2. Library Resources-Joe

        3. Reading Teacher Resources-Jody

        4. Family Link and other online resources-Suzy

        5. Positive Behavior Intervention-Joe

        6. Other resources to be identified-Suzy

    2. Parent/Family Involvement Activities-The following are examples of the types of activities currently being planned and are subject to change

      1. Winter Extravaganza-Focus on Math

        1. Content standards/understanding the Common Core State Standards

        2. How to use games to support their child’s learning

      2. Breakfast with an Adult-Focus on Reading/Language Arts

        1. Content Standards-Understanding The Common Core State Standards

        2. Supporting their child’s growth as a reader

  2. As appropriate, provide parents with materials and/or training to help them work with their child to improve his/her achievement and nurture parental involvement.  Examples of topics are but not limited to;

    1. Technology training/How to use “FamilyLink” and other programs yet to be identified

    2. Parenting education topics are, but not limited to;

      1. State and Local academic assessments

      2. Ways to monitor their child’s progress

      3. Ways to work with their child’s teacher and school personnel to improve their child’s achievement

  3. As appropriate, with the help of parents, will educate teachers, pupil services personnel, principals and other school staff the value and usefulness

    1. of parent contributions,

    2. how to reach out to parents,

    3. how to effectively communicate and/or work with parents as equal partners,

    4. How to implement and coordinate parent programs and

    5. To build relationships between parents and the school

  4. As feasible, appropriate and to the extent possible, support parents in fully participating in the education of all of their children by providing information about and/or coordinating services with community resources that support and encourage the active participation of parents in all of their children’s education.  Some examples of these resources are;

    1. Central Elementary School will support programs offered through the La Grande School District, the City of La Grande to include but not limited to the library and Union County in the following ways

      1. When made available to Central Elementary School, informational brochures will be sent home

      2. Parent resource bulletin board and/or area will be updated with current brochures

  5. Provide parents of participating children, to the extent practicable in their preferred language and in an understandable format, information related to school and parent programs, meetings and other activities.


Central Elementary School will, to the extent practicable, provide for full opportunities for parental participation for parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children.  

Central Elementary School will to the extent feasible and practicable

  1. provide information and school reports in an understandable and uniform format and in the preferred language of the parents

  2. provide the necessary coordination, technical assistance and other support to assist in the planning and implementation of effective parental involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance, sample activities are

    1. Parent meetings/newsletters to discuss school programs and how parents can support their child at home

    2. Parent/teacher conferences

    3. Other appropriate activities and programs

  3. Will plan and operate programs, activities and procedures for parental involvement with participating families who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency, are migratory or are of any racial, cultural or ethnic background

  4. Shall provide space for the purpose of creating a parent resource area.


This Parental Involvement Policy has been adopted by Central Elementary School on May 26, 2017 and will be in effect for the period the 2017-2018 school year.  The school will distribute this policy to all parents and a copy will be made available in the Title I Room.


Central Elementary School


Title I Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

Central Elementary School will provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that empowers students to meet the State's student academic achievement standards.

To accomplish this, parents, students and teachers must work together.  This compact lays out the basic expectations for each of us.  

As a teacher, I will:

  • Be a positive role model

  • Provide high-quality curriculum, instruction and support in all academic areas

  • Read aloud each day to students to demonstrate good reader skills

  • Provide homework and take-home supplemental materials to support student learning

  • Keep families informed of student progress and ways to support learning at home

  • Support their child both academically and socially-emotionally

  • Hold parent/teacher conferences according to district schedule

Teacher Signature ___________________________________ Date _________________________

As a student, I will:

  • Come to school everyday, on time and ready to learn

  • Follow school rules and expectations and take responsibility for my choices

  • Take pride in my work at school and at home

  • Complete classroom and homework assignments

  • Use materials sent home to support my learning

  • Ask for help when I need help both at school and at home

  • Read and practice math facts and concepts daily

  • Encourage my family to attend activities at Central Elementary School

Student Signature _____________________________________ Date

As a Parent/Guardian, I will:

  • Make sure my child attends school daily,  is on time and ready to learn

  • Encourage my child to do his/her best work

  • Communicate regularly with my child’s teacher about my child’s progress

  • Attend parent/teacher conferences and other requested meetings

  • Use materials sent home to support my child’s learning

  • Attend family events and volunteer when possible

  • Provide enough time and space to allow my child to complete homework or to study

  • Make reading a daily activity

  • Ask my child questions about their school day and monitor their homework

  • Keep school staff informed of my current phone number and address

  • Read communications sent home from school and respond when necessary

  • Check my child’s Friday Folder for homework, notes and other communications

Parent Signature ___________________________________ Date _________________________