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Can you help us provide healthy snacks?

posted Dec 14, 2016, 9:17 PM by Calandra Johnson   [ updated Dec 15, 2016, 11:17 AM ]
Hello friends! 

     Central Elementary is on a mission to provide healthy snacks to every student in all the classrooms.  It is very important to teach our children healthy eating habits during their foundational years so they establish good eating habits that will carry on through their adult life. We would like to give the students as many opportunities as possible to make healthy food choices.  In addition, there is a rise in the percentage of children in our state and district that are homeless or living without the possibility of healthy choices.  

    Central applied for a grant last year for fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks in the classrooms. We applied for the same grant that Greenwood earned two years ago.

     Central will be applying for the grant again next year (along with other grants and scholarships) but we want to help bridge the gap until we do have those funds coming in. Central has approximately 385 students. With a donation of $20, a student can be provided fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks in their classroom three times a week for the rest of the school year. We have donation stations in multiple places around town. They are: Central Elementary School, Miller Chiropractic, Eli Mayes Dental, Copies Plus, Grande Ronde Fitness Club, Grande Ronde Med Spa, Blue Mountain Barbershop, and the Presbyterian Church.

     We are asking for a suggested $20 donation but will accept any amount. Checks can be made payable to Central Elementary. If anyone would like to pay using a credit card, they can do so at Central Elementary. Donations can also be mailed directly to Central Elementary at 402 K Ave. All funds must come through Central. 

     Please donate and help get the word out to others. Let's meet our goal and get fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to our children at Central as soon as possible!   Please help us spread the word and hit share to get the word out. 

Thank you Central friends!